Rehabilitation Services and Amenities Include:

Hospice Care

This level of care is for those seeking end of life care when treatment is no longer possible or desired. Care is focused on emotional well-being, comfort, and pain management. Inpatient hospice program is usually selected when the patient needs 24-hour nursing care or is already in a nursing home. For example, your loved one may have symptoms such as unrelieved pain, severe nausea or other ailments that require around-the-clock care. 

At Rockledge Health and Rehabilitation Center, we have:

  • Skilled nursing available 24/7 to administer medications, implement treatments and give the emotional care patients and their families need
  • All necessary medications, personal care supplies, and equipment
  • Physician-directed care
  • Available therapy services
  • Housekeeping and daily living tasks

Palliative Care

Compassionate careOur facility is partnered with various Medicare Certified Hospice Programs and can also deliver facility-directed Palliative Care. At Rockledge Health and Rehabilitation Center, we provide the necessary care to provide your loved ones’ comfort and alleviate any symptoms they may have due to chronic conditions.

  • Manage pain and symptoms
  • Alleviate suffering
  • Nursing care for nausea and other body ailments
  • Provide emotional support to patients
  • Give family options in enhancing the quality of life

Respite Care at Rockledge Health and Rehabilitation Center

Respite Care is for patients needing a short stay due to a caregiver needing temporary relief for an emergency or vacation. We understand the stress families go through when providing care for a loved one. We would love the opportunity to show you more about Rockledge Health and Rehabilitation Center to learn how you can give yourself the break in order to take care of yourself or family.